Tred Avon River and Town of Oxford

By: Helen Woods
Searey, N128SR 6/10/17

38°41'39.57" N  76°10'13.93" W

After cleaning up from the big RV fly-in, a couple of us decided to continue our explorations for the directory and check out the nearby town of Oxford. While close, I had been hesitant to explore this pretty little town knowing that Oxford Harbor was closed to seaplanes but not knowing exactly what that meant or exactly where that was. Fortunately, fellow seaplane pilot, Bill Krozack, who happens to also work for MAA, was able to do some research on that subject for me. Closed in Maryland means no take offs or landings but taxiing is OK. Oxford Harbor is defined by the waters within the municipal boundary on the attached zoning map. Mystery solved.

So we headed to Oxford, landed in the main Tred Avon river and taxied in to the public beach. A sign on the beach indicated that watercraft on the beach were OK so long as it was not overnight. Between he multiple swimmers and the soft sand, we opted to tie up to the beach rather than try to drive on. It's a pretty beach big enough for several planes but probably better visited when school is in session as there were a lot of families we needed to watch out for necessitating shutting down early and drifting in carefully.

Within a short walk of the beach are two nice places worth visiting, the Highland Creamery and an upscale restaurant called Capsized. We opted to sample the creamery and were not disappointed. The ice cream is made there on the spot and is amazingly rich and creamy! Definitely worth the trip!

Highland Creamery
Address: 314 Tilghman St, Oxford, MD 21654
Phone: (410) 924-6298

Summer Hours:
Sunday 12–9PM
Monday 12–9PM
Tuesday 12–9PM
Wednesday 12–9PM
Thursday 12–9PM
Friday 12–10PM
Saturday 12–10PM

From the street: 314 Tilghman Street  .  Oxford, MD 21654
Phone (410) 226-5900

April  – May 21:
Thursday to Sunday 11am to 11pm

​May 22 – September 17:
Every day 11am to 11pm

​September 18  – December 30:
Thursday to Sunday 11am to 10pm