Severn Inn

By: Josh Vance - Cessna 206 Pilot (6/7/13)

I dropped a couple clients off at the Severn Inn earlier this week.  I was there mid-day on a Wednesday, so boat traffic was not a big issue - just had to circle one extra time on arrival to allow a wake to pass and then circled in the water a couple times before departing.  There are some really big wakes in that area, so do use caution.  I would think a weekend might be really tough.

I had a very mild southeasterly wind, so I made my base leg just to the west of the 450 bridge and landed just to the east of it in the channel.  There's not as much traffic on that bridge.  I'm not sure I would do that same approach over the Rt 50 Bridge. 
I then taxi'ed back to the Inn and used the beach that is between the 450 bridge and the Severn Inn's 'pier' which is just a bunch of pilings.   It was plenty of room to beach the 206 and turn it around, though I'm not sure I would do it if the winds were up. 
There is a beach on the other side of the Inn (towards the Bay) as well.  It's bigger but more of a rocky (small pebbles) surface.  My 206 weighs too much to put the gear down in that stuff, so I elected to go for the sandier (yet smaller) beach on the west side of the Inn. I don't think you would be able to taxi up all the way into the parking lot as it stands now.  There are a few trees and such that would make that difficult.
Departure was uneventful.  Filed using BAL145012 as the departure 'airport' and called to get my code.  I've noticed from flying within the SFRA that it takes the controllers a little longer to find my flight plans when they're not tied to an airport.  So you may have to explain that you are a seaplane when you call so they look you up by tail number and not based on the slips they have in front of them.