Sassafras River - The Kitty Knight House and Harbor View Ice Cream Parlor

By: Helen Woods
Searey N128SR 6/25/16

We found a really nice place for a Splash-In on the Sassafras - the Kitty Knight House. At low tide it has a beach probably big enough for a dozen planes. There's an ice cream parlor on top of the hill and the Kitty Knight house offers a B&B, restaurant, outside deck with bar and band, and inside tavern. There's a seawall at the top of the beach with pilings that make tying up pretty simple. (If the tide is coming in I'd recommend either tying both wings nose in or tying either the nose or tail to the wall and anchoring the other.) Only downside of this site is you need to land downstream a bit and taxi for a ways to the facility but its a pretty taxi up.