Middle River and Frog Mortar Creek

By: Helen Woods
Searey, N128SR 6/3/17

39°19'24.50" N  76°24'04.34" W

Also on our Northern route was the Sunset Cove along the Middle River. WOW! Was this place packed! The Sunset cove featured a tiki bar, outdoor dining, and indoor dining. There's a sandy beach area for the kids as well making this place quite family friendly.

Getting in to this place on a busy Saturday is exciting to say the least and neither suitable for a novice nor a plane with any sort of lengthy take off or landing requirements as the restaurant is located right off the end of the MTN runway and amid a sea of boats. I must say the tower controller, who was apparently working a busy tower of mixed traffic by himself was **thrilled** when our super slow Searey announced we planned to land not on the runway but in front of the runway!

We took advantage of the STOL characteristics and shallow draft of our Searey as well as the MD exemption of seaplanes from the 6kt rule and quickly dropped in to the side of the channel in front of the restaurant. The transient pier in front of the restaurant has plenty of piling but there's an area around the side for kayaks and paddle boards that is suitable for beaching.


Sunset Cove
3408 Red Rose Farm Road
Bowleys Quarters, MD 21220
P: 410.630.2031
E: info@sunsetcovemd.com

Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 11:00pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00am - 2:00am