Lowes Wharf - By: Helen Woods, SeaRey Pilot (5/30/13)


I think it was Bert that suggested Lowes Wharf a while ago so we swung by there yesterday and were quite happy with what we found. First, this is an old steam boat wharf so it sticks out int the main Chesapeake Bay. I obviously had some concern about wave height with a south wind and lots of fetch. Fortunately, the shoreline is ragged enough in this area that there are small area that are relatively calm and big enough for a SeaRey to put down into without a problem. Once you get there you have two parking options. You can beach in the shallow cove on the north side of the wharf, or if you call ahead you can tie up at a collection of mooring buoys they have out front and they'll come get you. We found one of Josh's brochures in the restaurant and the owner, Paul, told us this is apparently his parking method of choice with his 206. We opted for the first option, put the
wheels down and came up in the cove.

Lowes Wharf

The substrate in the cove is a mix of sand and mud. It's hard enough that you and your passenger aren't going to sink but you plane could get stuck. We were able to roll only part of the way out of the water before we got stuck. Knowing what we do now about the substrate, I'll probably not pull up so far next time and I'll turn the plane around to point out of the cove before I shut down.

The shoreline has about two feet of concrete debris you will need to scramble up. It's not hard to traverse but I did spot some broken glass over there so be sure you have shoes on.

The restaurant has a full menu. We both had crab cobb salads which were delicious. Service was slow but friendly. View was awesome!

All in all, this was a very nice place. You'll have to pick your winds for when to come in here but there's room for quite a few planes making this a viable splash-in spot as well.

Location: 38.766152,-76.327819