Fairlee Creek – Jelly Fish Joel’s Tiki Bar

By: Helen Woods
Searey, N128SR 6/25/16

The creek was packed when we stopped in yesterday at Jelly Fish Joe's tiki bar which is at the rather narrow entrance to the creek. There were boaters rafted up everywhere and Jellyfish Joe's was packed full of extremely drunk boaters staggering around on the beach. We met a few pilots too and one really nice lady who works over at Pax "my job is making sure planes don't get damaged" who helped us tie up. The friendly manager came out to greet us and I offered him a ride later in the week when the crowd thinned out. 

Parking is a sand and gravel beach. We had a bit of a time sinking the sand anchors because of gravel mixed into the sand but there are trees along the shoreline you can use to tie off with a long rope. You'll see a marked off swimming area. Transient parking is the beach just west of that but was full when we arrived. Just west of that, under some large "no swimming" signs, is the slip holders beach which is where we parked. The manager suggested that was a better place for seaplanes anyway.

Food is a limited menu of mostly fried stuff. They have restrooms. There's also a big restaurant on the other side of the marina you can walk to but it's a bit of a trek and I wasn't too keen on leaving the plane with all of the drunk boaters to walk over there.