Elk River – Triton Bar and Grill

By: Helen Woods
Searey N128SR 6/25/16

This is a beautiful spot. A gravel beach will hold about a half dozen planes at low tide. With a dock handler, there is a floating pier with widely space pilings that float planes could use. I'm sure we could anchor more planes out. Claremont Airport (Rain Tree) is next door for land planes. Definitely a splash-in spot.

The restaurant is on a very quiet and mostly protected part of the river. Claremont Airport at one time even had a SPB charted there as I recall. There's beautiful outdoor seating, a deck, live music, local ice cream, and a full menu.

Update - Dave Dixon 6/30/16

Great stop.. Remind others they need to stay in the channel at low tide.. I drug on the way out when I cut the corner and almost got stuck..