Choptank River – Suicide Bridge Restaurant

Suicide Bridge Restaurant - By: Helen Woods, SeaRey Pilot (5/18/13)

Lee and I checked out the Suicide Bridge Restaurant last night.

The food is expensive but delicious. Buffet is awesome if you are in to that sort of thing. They also have some healthy choices including some incredible pan seared scallops with quinoa. As far as seaplane ops go though I'd probably give the place a C-. There definitely isn't enough parking space for a splash-in. You can probably fit two planes tops in on the "beach" (more accurately described as a mud flat) shown to the left of the "ferry boat" pier. The water is very shallow and at low tide you will run aground a ways out from the shore making securing your plane a challenge if you don't bring an anchor. The mud is soft so you can't drive up on it with wheels and you will sink up to your shins in several spots when you get get out of your plane. There's also a submerged rock pile (visible at low tide) and broken glass in the water. On the plus side, besides the excellent food, there is enough room in the parking area to turn around OK and the creek is wide enough that you can land in the mouth of it if the winds aren't favoring the main river.

Location: 38.634405,-75.947334